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Welcome to the official forum of Secret Laboratory!

"Among many other roles, blogging has served as a laboratory in which a multitude of writers have experimented with the myriad possibilities of online self-expression."

—Scott Rosenberg

Secret Laboratory is an online entertainment magazine for Music, News, & Global Affairs; it is published in the USA by Maple Hills Press, which is a non-traditional publishing imprint that supports independent authors & provides an accessible platform for their work. We believe that all talented writers should have such a platform, whether it be on the Internet, in the eBook market, or in print. Our freelance division, Professional Solutions, offers writing, editing, consulting, graphic design, and many more services for authors, journalists, students, teachers, and others.

This forum was launched on 12-28-2015 to accompany our main site, which has been online since 2011. Our goal is to build an interactive community around the topics that we cover as a magazine, thus providing like-minded individuals with a place to congregate & discuss a wide range of shared interests.

Please feel free to register as a member and begin posting; also, invite anyone else whom you feel might be interested to do the same.

Spamming or posting of lewd material will not be tolerated.

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions; we also encourage writers to submit their work and for bloggers to re-publish their columns on our main site. If you're interested in joining our team, please read our updated  Submission Guidelines

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